Public rejecting new Connecticut River license bid for Northfield Mtn: 49 years of ecosystem predation and waste is enough.

Even at the holiday break a belatedly-informed citizenry is going on the record, while secret talks between FirstLight and US Fish & Wildlife, NOAA Fisheries, MA Fish & Wildlife and MA DEP loom in a shadowy background. Below are the latest citizen filing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. All state that no license should be issued for Northfield Mountain. It is time the devastation ceased.

These were all accepted into the FERC public record on Christmas Eve, people taking a stand for the river that is the lifeblood and soul of this New England ecosystem. SEE BELOW:

(* * NOTE:if you would like to add your voice into the public record concerning the Connecticut River and relicensing, you’ll find simple instructions at the end of this post.)

Document Accession #: 20211227-5000 Filed Date: 12/27/2021
Stephen Kerr, Greenfield, MA.

To whom it ma concern, I am looking to voice my disapproval of thee FirstLight power plant’s usage of the Connecticut river. I believe the damage it causes the river ecosystem (and by extension, the local ocean ecosystem which uses the river as a breeding ground) is not worth the electrical power it’s converted into.

I hope that my concern is taken seriously, as it is also representative of many people I know. Please contact me if you’re able to put this concern into action, or if you know of any further action I can take to help make a change in this system.

Thanks and happy holidays,

Nancy Obertz, Westhampton, MA.

Please refuse to relicense this company as they are using my river for their gain. Millions of species are dying from the intense pull of their turbines and they do not help the environment. They dodge tax responsibilities (sheltering in Delaware) and hand out pittance amounts to locals in the guise of “good community partners”. STOP this now. We are not going to sacrifice our beautiful Connecticut river for many more decades of their unchecked degradation.

I have grown up on this river (Ox-Bow in Easthampton) and am sickened by what First Light is doing. I have watched the shad and herring disappear. Yet, this company touts all the good they do for the local fish. This is your chance to have a very long-lasting impact. PLEASE refuse to re-license First Light! History will tell our children of your impact here. Please make that impact a positive one.

Thank you!
Nancy Obertz
Westhampton Mass.

Document Accession #: 20211227-5002 Filed Date: 12/27/2021
Dorothy McIver, Greenfield, MA, MA.

I am writing to voice my opposition to the re-licensing of the Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage Facility. It is not needed to generate electricity with all the new advances in technology and it has had a devastating effect on the fish and other aquatic life who are killed when it is in operation. The river needs to be allowed to heal, and continuing this harmful operation for another 50 years is an affront to all of us who want this shut down, and
a benefit only to those who profit from their own greed and lack of concern for this delicate ecosystem and are in denial of the harm they have done for the past 50 years. Please do the right thing and set our river free to flow where it it will with a revitalization of the life it is meant to sustain.
Dorothy McIver

* * HERE’S HOW TO MAKE YOU VOICE HEARD: Go to:; then to “Documents and Filings”; then click on the “Quick Links” tab for FERC Online on the right; and then to “eComment” on the page that opens. Follow directions for “Hydroelectric License/Re-license Proceedings (P – Project Number),” and use Northfield’s FERC project number, P-2485, to enter your comments.