Above: Delaware Waterkeeper telling it straight.

I walked into the Solar Store of Greenfield about two weeks back and noted this large sign propped up against the front desk. This is an organization that is now the umbrella for all the Riverkeeper, Baykeeper, and Waterkeeper organizations that have sprung up by the hundreds across the planet. As shown here, there is a chapter on the Delaware. These are strong, direct, hands-on river and water protection outfits that take enforcement of environmental laws to heart, and take the corporations exploiting resources and skirting public rights into the courtroom. They’ve won many victories against energy giants, including just west of here on the Hudson River, as Hudson Riverkeeper.


The Waterkeeper Alliance is being featured throughout the summer on PBS for its courage, effectiveness, and as a leading model of environmental protection. The episode begins airing on July 9th. Those interested in an effective blueprint for protecting rivers here in New England can tune in and learn more on PBS when it runs locally, or simply use the link ABOVE to see it now.