Endangered fish beer??  YES: Try a Shortnose Stout! 

Come to the debut celebration of this brew and the endangered fish it honors! 

On Sunday, March 16th, at 4 pm, The People’s Pint of Greenfield, MA introduces Shortnose Stout, a traditional, locally-fermented Irish brew created to honor the biological legacy and highlight the eroded river conditions that keep the ancient, federally-endangered Connecticut River Shortnose Sturgeon tottering on the brink of extinction. 

Join Dr. Boyd Kynard, author, professor, and shortnose sturgeon expert, along with myself, People’s Pint Brewer Chris Sellers, Pint Owner Alden Booth, and Manager Tina Bodensteiner, to celebrate the beer, the fish, and sample the new brew.  Have some fun on St. Pat’s Eve, and get your questions answered about beer-brewing–and the issues facing the Connecticut River shortnose sturgeon. 

The opening is casual, and begins at The Pint at 4 pm, at 24 Federal Street in Greenfield, MA.  Shortnose Stout will be available in bottles at various outlets from Cambridge to the Berkshires. 

For more information on the endangered Connecticut River shortnose sturgeon and Dr. Kynard’s book defining the 17 years of state and federal research his team conducted on this species, refer to the highlighted buttons on shortnose sturgeon at:  www.bk-riverfish.com