The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Role: in their own words: “The Commission does not propose, construct, operate, or own such projects. But it does issue preliminary permits and licenses for hydropower projects, enforces the conditions of each license for the duration of its term, and conducts project safety and environmental inspections.”

You can sign up to receive information about the GDF-Suez FirstLight Northfield Mountain-Turners Falls Dam relicensing from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. This enables you to get all the federal filings and documents from the legal process. From here, you can become a public “commenter” on the license, or and “intervener.” Or, you can simply keep up to date on the process.

Go to: and follow the steps for registration. For the fullest information, sign up for both the Commission’s Service List and Mailing List for the to relicensing projects.

You will need the following Project Numbers to get information specific to Northfield/Turners Falls:

Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage Project: FERC No. P-2485; Turners Falls Hydroelectric Project: FERC No. P-1889.

You can also visit GDF-Suez FirstLight’s own website for their information on the relicensing and sign up for their mailing list at:
You can