On Tuesday morning, May 1st,  at 6:30 a.m., I  join Morning Show Host Bob Flaherty on WHMP Radio in Northampton for a short segment best described as “On the Hook,” a dam-by-dam, power plant-by-power plant assessment of the regulations and laws being broken and skirted that continue the institutionalized failure of the 45 year migratory fish restoration  on the Connecticut from Holyoke, MA to Vernon, VT.  The segment repeats at 8:00 a.m.

Get a snapshot of who’s doing what, where–and why misdirected science continues to stress sending “federal trust” American shad and blueback herring into a black hole at the Turners Falls power canal while no one is talking about the Connecticut’s federally-endangered shortnose sturgeon.  Should be of interest to anglers, teachers, artists and anyone concerned with the Connecticut River ecosystem.

Tune in if you can at: http://www.whmp.com  Locally@ 1400, or 1240 AM.