This was written as a radio commentary                          December 11, 2007
© Karl Meyer

             The Institute for Foul Language (IFFL)

In today’s global economy businesses are often confronted by languages and accents impossible to follow.  But foreign deals need to close, pronto; stock needs shipping–yesterday.  Now there’s a way to get through to folks that don’t have a clue what you mean either.  Learn to communicate instantly–unequivocally, using skills and training from the Institute for Foul Language.

Need something relayed in Farsi, Mandarin, Sumatran?  Don’t memorize the whole darned language!  A few accented phrases from the IFFL playbook will get that bloody contract photocopied and faxed, TODAY!   There’s little time for decorum in today’s international marketplace. 

Let the Institute for Foul Language put the “pro” back in your profanity, the “cur” back in your cursing. Our foul language classes get the results that you want, in the time frame you need!

One, three, and eight week courses can have you heaping expletives on that shipping clerk in Timbuktu in no time.  You’ll curse like a Wall Street floor trader—sling slurs like one of the Sopranos.  We’re not bleeping kidding!

Maybe your trash-talk’s still pretty good and you just need some brushing up.  An IFFL Day-Spa Refresher is just the thing.  Spend a day in our hot tub, work-out rooms and massage center, learning tricks and filthy trade terms from our cell-phone phrase book.  Then, rejuvenated, head back into the business world with the confidence and foul-mouthed temerity that moves international business.

Remember, the Institute for Foul Language has the words and phrases that will move your product.  Why be polite, when you can be succinct, salacious, and successful?  Operators are standing by.  Courses begin this week in a town near you.  All certified IFFL courses come with a no-bull, money-back guarantee.  We bleep you not!  Phone today, toll-free: 1-888-GET FOUL.